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Going Against Fate

Denying His Destiny

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Basic Data
Name: Zero
Race: Reploid
Age: Unknown
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'0”
Activation Date: Unknown
Place of Origin: 21XX world just after X7. Command Mission and X8 have yet to take place. ( See History for Details )
Armored: Red, gold and white color scheme, heavily armored over his head, chest, shoulders, forearms, and shins. What is not covered by heavy armor is in a tight black suit. His Z-saber is stored on his back. His long blond hair is pulled back.

Unarmored: Color scheme resembles that of his armor. He is typically dressed in all black, a sleeveless shirt underneath a red tunic. Formally, he will also wear a large black cloak, red detachable sleeves to go with the tunic, and heavy leather gloves that match his boots. Unarmored, he carriers his Z-Saber at his side on a belt and leaves his hair pulled back.

Passing for Human: Without his armor, Zero can pass for an anatomically correct adult male details down to fingernails and eyelashes. This was not always the case however, as these advancements came overtime and were added each time Zero needed to be rebuilt. Even with the absence of clothing, scanners are needed to tell that he is not actually human. This allows Zero to blend in with human crowds in case the situation ever arises. (However, Zero does not eat, bleed, sweat, or produce any other bodily fluids that is normal for a human.)
Zero's history follows closely along with the the videogames until the incident involving the colony Eurasia.

To stop the colony from falling to earth, Zero piloted a shuttle to intercept and destroy the colony. The mission proved successful in preventing a global catastrophe, however, the Maverick Hunters were unable to form contact with Zero after the collision. They were able to locate pieces of the shuttle after it fell back to earth, but remains of Zero proved scarce. This left X to face Sigma alone.

As the cities on the surface were being rebuilt, a Reploid-warping, malignant force ( later to be termed "Nightmare" ) began to spread and causing panic. Investigators of Nightmare concluded it to be the work of Zero. X moves to investigate "Nightmare" which ultimately leads to another battle against Sigma after he is revived by a reploid named Gate.

Zero returns after the incident with Gate, however, he finds that X had left Hunter HQ on retirement. He takes his Z-saber from before, after leaving it with X before the shuttle mission, and returns to fighting with the Maverick hunters.

On a return trip to an area that had suffered from Mavericks, Zero runs into Axl, a mysterious and very eager Reploid that he can't seem to get rid of. Having run into Axl, Zero finds himself fighting with the younger Reploid, learning about the development of a new type Reploid, and fighting against Red Alert.

Red Alert set up a series of battle fields for their duel, eight in all. The last area Axl and Zero traveled to was the Cyber Field where Snipe Anteator resided. In this area, Zero fell behind to rescue reploids but when he tried to catch up to Axl, he got caught into an accident. The Cyber Field was riddled with teleporting platforms that sent travelers to other locations on the other side of the platforms. Zero initiated one of the platforms at the same time as a an adversary. The result sent Zero to a different world as the devise attempted to force both Zero and the other Reploid out of the Cyber Field.
Zero comes off ( and is! ) quite serious but it really doesn't take much to hold a conversation with him. He doesn't like to talk about himself or his past.

He's protective of those he feels close to and determined in his work. However, he doesn't think about others who he might be affecting with his actions.

Also, because of his serious attitude, he holds little patience in certain situations and can be easily annoyed. At these times he rather go it alone even if he has the option of working with friends or comrades.

“Okay, Zero!

I'll be waiting for you!

You'd better come back alive!”

( Zero is a main character of realityvanish )